Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep

As I live close to the Seven Estuary and the Wye Valley on a hillside I enjoy some amazing weather conditions, especially first thing in the morning. The other day I awoke to dense fog which was taking its time to clear. Gradually the sun began to penetrate through to reveal a brilliant blue sky above shining upon a carpet of cloud.
I jumped into my car and drove along the Wye to Llandogo.  I wanted to see the misty affects as the sun rose over the river, and as I walked through the field, I came upon a flock of Balwen sheep grazing and I stopped to watch them and enjoy the atmosphere.
As I stood, five of them from different parts of the field stopped their grazing and started walking towards me. As if by command, they lined up in a row as they approached me, finally coming to a halt! The species is one of the Welsh Mountain breeds originating from the Tywi valley in Carmarthenshire.
Apparently this small dark brown species was nearly wiped out in the awful winter of 1947, but thankfully has since recovered, and now found in additional parts of Wales. Like their Badger face cousins, they have beautifully distinctive facial markings.